Quick update: Clearview AI bombshell

So I sent out my newsletter, and I wrote that whoever had Clearview AI’s client list surely would not keep it secret for long and then just over an hour later, Buzzfeed published a bombshell on Clearview AI.

If you have time, read the whole thing, but if not, here’s what you need to know about Canada:

“Outside of the US, Clearview’s largest market is Canada, where company logs show access to its app has been given to both public and private entities. There are more than 30 law enforcement agencies in the country with access to the software.”

And of note:

“A majority of Clearview’s clients are using the tool via free trials, most of which last 30 days. In some cases, when BuzzFeed News reached out to organizations from the documents, officials at a number of those places initially had no idea their employees were using the software or denied ever trying the facial recognition tool. Some of those people later admitted that Clearview accounts did exist within their organizations after follow-up questions from BuzzFeed News led them to query their workers.”

Until next week!